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Health through Walls honors Dr. Paul Farmer's life, teachings and lasting impact on global health - all arising from his deep commitment to health care equity and the "preferential option for the poor." Health through Walls cherishes our past and ongoing collaborations with Partners in Health / Zanmi Lasante in Haiti in the areas of prison health care.

"The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world." - Dr. Paul Farmer


Gross overcrowding forces many prisoners to stand to sleep. Lack of space and exercise can cause swelling of feet from insufficient circulation.

"Adequate prisoner health not only controls infectious disease, but also contributes to safe, secure, and humane institutions - part of establishing a society of justice, prosperity and peace."
    -- Dr. John May, President, Health through Walls

Health through Walls works with prison authorities in low-resource countries to implement replicable and sustainable systems to develop their capacity to provide incarcerated persons with meaningful health services such as medical screening, treatment, and discharge planning leading to continuity of care upon release. Our priority is the prevention, identification and treatment of infectious and contagious disease -- particularly HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis, Hepatitis C and COVID-19.

Please join us on this important mission and journey!

Thank you all for your kind donations to Health through Walls that made it possible for us to purchase necessary medical supplies, medicines and equipment that were urgently needed in Haiti's Southern region following the August 14th 7.2 earthquake (and a tropical storm) that killed more than 2,000, left 12,000 injured, 800k affected. 650K in need of emergency humanitarian assistance. Health through Walls, together with AIDS Healthcare Foundation, prepared supplies for distribution including: Food, hygiene items, medical supplies, medications and vital items such as generators in time for us to load onto a cargo plane AHP arranged and allowed HtW to ship supplies free of charge to Haiti. Approximately 53,000 buildings destroyed and 63,000 damaged -including hospitals, clinics and prisons. For more details and the impact on prisons in the earthquake struck region, see our December 2021 newsletter in our Resources section.


On July 14, 2021, Health through Walls successfully completed its contract providing the United Nations Department of Peace Operations (DPO) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with assistance building preparedness and enhancing contingency planning for health related issues in prisons, focused on mitigating risks of communicable diseases in low-resource countries. HtW provided remote desk support on corrections health issues in the context of COVID-19 emergency response and offered non-binding advice on health and medical-related questions in prison environments. HtW also reviewed and advised on the development of health corrections guidelines.


Health through Walls and Resiliency!
July 2020

Health through Walls and Resiliency! Overview of HtW work in Haiti's prisons and in the community. Hats off to our amazing staff! Video created by Health through Walls for the AIDS2020 Virtual conference whose theme was RESILIENCE!

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Haiti Prisoner Art
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2018 & 2019!
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Dr. Hebert Norvelus and medical staff take vital signs during HtW health screenings of prisoners in one of Haiti's national prisons.

HtW makes presentation on Tuberculosis in Haitian Prisons at the American Correctional Association Conference on February 2, 2014 in Tampa, Florida (left to right) Mark Andrews (Secretary/Treasurer HtW), Dr. John P. May (Medical Director HtW), Dr. Edwin Prophete (HtW), Dr. Jean-Pierre Elie (Medical Director of Haiti's national prisons), Karine, Duverger (Administrator and Chief of Party, HtW Haiti)

Thank you Board Member Marty Mueller for donating this beautiful Haitian painting to the new Health through Walls office. Our office space was donated to HtW by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Board members l to r: Michelle Karshan, Marty Mueller, John P. May, MD)

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Below is a link to a free library of infographics entitled "Stop the Spread of Covid-19" in over 70 African languages plus Arabic, English, French, Italian, Korean, Malay, Malayalam, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russien, Spanish, and Turkish.

The library was produced by the Slum and Rural Health Initiative (SRHIN) in Nigeria. For info contact: Miracle Adesina, Country Coordinator (Nigeria), Slum and Rural Health Initiative (SRHIN) at or +2347030369940