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Gross overcrowding forces many prisoners to stand to sleep. Lack of space and exercise can cause swelling of feet from insufficient circulation.


Health through Walls works with prison authorities in resource-poor countries to implement replicable and sustainable systems to develop their capacity to provide prisoners with meaningful health services such as medical screening, treatment, and discharge planning leading to continuity of care upon release. Our priority is the prevention, identification and treatment of infectious and contagious disease -- particularly HIV, AIDS, and tuberculosis.

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Maurice Geiger
Champion of Justice

August 20, 1934 - February 18 2018

Maury was a friend of Health through Walls and agitator against injustice. He worked closely with us in Haiti to help the plight of prisoners waiting for months and years in pretrial detention in harsh conditions. We are greatly saddened at his passing, but celebrate his life, inspiration and accomplishments.

Tribute to Maurice Geiger in the Congressional Record

Obituary in the Conway, NH Daily Sun


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Dr. Hebert Norvelus and medical staff take vital signs during HtW health screenings of prisoners in one of Haiti's national prisons.

HtW makes presentation on Tuberculosis in Haitian Prisons at the American Correctional Association Conference on February 2, 2014 in Tampa, Florida (left to right) Mark Andrews (Secretary/Treasurer HtW), Dr. John P. May (Medical Director HtW), Dr. Edwin Prophete (HtW), Dr. Jean-Pierre Elie (Medical Director of Haiti's national prisons), Karine, Duverger (Administrator and Chief of Party, HtW Haiti)

Thank you Board Member Marty Mueller for donating this beautiful Haitian painting to the new Health through Walls office. Our office space was donated to HtW by the AIDS Health Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Board members l to r: Michelle Karshan, Marty Mueller, John P. May, MD)

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