About Us: THE HtW TEAM

Our work would not be possible without the incredible partner organizations and volunteers that work together with our HtW staff.


Haiti (Prison Health Care Services in Civil Prisons of Port-au-Prince, Les Cayes, Central Plateau, Cap Haitian, Juvenile Prison at Delmas, Civil Prison at Petionvile)

Karine Duverger, Chief of Party
Kenny Michel, Logistics Officer and Assistant to the Chief of Party
Vaina Metelus, Accountant

Hebert Norvelus, MD, HIV Specialist and Medical Supervisor
Gilles Delatour, MD, Family Practitioner
Sabine Carre, MD, OB/GYN Family Practitioner
Joel Malvoisin, MD
Pether S. Guillet, MD
Edwin Prophete, MD, Family Practitioner

Jasmine Delcin, Nurse
Jesuca Marseille, Nurse

Medical Support
Gladie Petit Homme, HIV/TB Coordinator
Solon Morelus, X-ray Technician
Fritzner Charles, Phlebotomist
Pierre Jules, TB Bacilloscopy
Reynald Constant, Medical Records

Discharge Planning
Lesli Petit Phar, Discharge Planner/Case Manager
Diemson Beris, Discharge Planner/Case Manager
Elmise C. Auguste, Discharge Planner/Case Manager

Peer Educator Program
Jean Alusma, Peer Educator Supervisor
Feddy Desier, Peer Educator
Mineuve Pierre, Activities Coordinator/Peer Educator

Prison Sanitation Project (Propre)
Livresson Belotte, Prison Sanitation Coordinator

Health Services Coordination
Osmon Jean, Health Services Coordinator Supervisor
Fanfan Maxonel Jean, Health Services Coordinator
Seneque Kens, Health Services Coordinator
Jules A. Parisien, Health Services Coordinator
Laurette Bien Aime, Health Services Coordinator

Support Staff
Pierre Joseph Romulus
Fednor Desulme
Osse Pierre
Francenet Thomas
Donald Dodieu


Grace Butler-Martinez
Carlos Diaz


Devon Simmonds
Nollis Dyer


Kahindo Muyisa, MD


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Team Haiti - 2012:

HtW Haiti staff includes doctors, nurses, x-ray and laboratory technicians, a sanitation coordinator, peer educator trainers and supervisors, discharge planners, clerical, administrative, and medical support staff, etc.

Following health screenings of prisoners in one of Haiti's national prisons, Hebert Norvelus, MD, HIV Specialist and Medical Supervisor (in the middle), conferences with Dr. Edwin Prophete (left) and Haiti program administrator, Karine Duverger (r).

HtW Medical Director, Dr. John P. May, speaks with prisoners in the newer section of Haiti's national penitentiary.

HtW Haiti team sets up to conduct medical screenings at one of Haiti's national prisons. A medical file is established for each of the prisoners screened that includes their photo, medical history, vital signs, medical exam, lab and x-ray results, voluntary HIV testing, treatment recommendations and follow-up.

In September 2014, HtW Medical Director, Dr. John P. May, together with HtW team in Dominican Republic, gather at La Victoria Penitentiary with various partners and Ministry of Health and prison authority, for training and to kick off major project aimed at offering HIV, tuberculosis and health screenings to all 8,000 prisoners at La Victoria Penitentiary in the Dominican Republic within approximately four months.

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