Health through Walls works in several African countries. Our primary role is consultation and health program support. We continuously seek mechanisms of funding for sustainable interventions and long-term development. Our expertise is regularly sought by several countries.

During the past few years we have participated in prison programs in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In July 2013, Health through Walls provided support to the first regional conference on Prison Health in Senegal, Africa.

The year 2013 was also the first year that the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator announced major funding initiatives to provide HIV antiretroviral care and treatment to prisoners in Kenya and South Africa. Health through Walls participated in responses to these calls, but the funding opportunity was later withdrawn without being awarded.

Although progress in providing antiretroviral treatment to HIV-infected prisoners has grown throughout Africa, the leading causes of death for prisoners in Africa remain treatable conditions: HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

Health through Walls stands in solidarity with prison systems in Africa to develop and advocate for significant reform and meaningful support.


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With the support of Health through Walls, Anny Kahindo Muyisa, MD, of the Association of Women Doctors, runs a prisoner hygiene health program at the Goma Prison in Democratic Republic of Congo. (Photo by Robert Garner)

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