Under the title, Justice in Prisons: Health Access, Treatment and Prevention, Health through Walls holds first Prisoner Networking Zone at the International AIDS Conference

XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington, DC, July 22-27, 2012.

  • World Health Organization, Health in Prison Project, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2012
  • International Corrections and Prison Association, Mexico City, October 2012
  • American Correctional Association Conference, Denver, July 2012
  • XIX International AIDS Conference, Washington DC, July 2012
  • Meeting in U.S. Senate Building, Washington DC, July 2012
  • United Nations International Corrections Conference, Berlin, Germany, June 2012
  • HIV in Caribbean Conference, Peer Education, November 2011
  • Health through Walls, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Las Vegas, Boston, Miami, 2011
  • Prison Health Protection, Italy, October 2011
  • International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA), Telemedicine, October 2011
  • American Correctional Association (ACA), Orlando, Florida, August 2011
  • World Health Organization (WHO), Health in Prison Project, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2011
  • Romania Student Conference (via teleconference), May 2011
  • University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Academic Correctional Health, March 2011


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On February 2, 2014 at American Correctional Association conference in Tampa, Florida, HtW presents lecture on Tuberculosis in Haitian Prisons. (left to right) Dr. Jean-Pierre Elie (Medical Director for Haiti's national prisons), Dr. John P. May (Medical Director HtW), Dr. Edwin Prophete (HtW), Michelle Karshan (Vice President, HtW), Dr. Dossa Moise, MD (United Nations MINUSTAH Corrections Advisor), Mark Andrews, Secretary/Treasurer, HtW)

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